Date posted: 21.03.14

7 Year Fireline Stove WarrantyCharlton & Jenrick are pleased to announce that all Fireline stoves now come with an extended 7 year warranty as standard.

The Fireline brand continues to gain success through the constant development of its products, and introducing an Extended  7 Year Warranty for stoves was the logical next step to ensure our customers feel confident and reassured with their purchase.

Consumers are now more vigilant and cautious than ever when it comes to making significant purchases, and with this in mind, Charlton & Jenrick want customers to feel completely confident with their decision to acquire a Fireline stove.

Charlton & Jenrick Director, Peter Mintoft, states “Fireline stoves are designed to offer a superb view of the fire, great performance and value for money, together with longevity in service. Having achieved these objectives and delivered volume sales we are delighted to be able to offer a new 7 year warranty on all Fireline models. Promoted strictly through authorised outlets only, Fireline stove dealers will be able to demonstrate to prospective customers what is already well known – that Fireline stoves are a sound, long lasting investment that will warm and enhance any home”.

Fireline wood burning and multi-fuel stoves provide heating with patent pending advanced firebox and combustion technology, which results in our cleanest burning, most efficient stoves yet.

The end result is a cleaner heat, cleaner home, cleaner flue and a cleaner, greener environment. The performance of each Fireline stove is tested, developed, and evaluated at low air settings as well as high, to ensure the stoves perform with the very best.

High quality is assured as all Fireline stoves are manufactured in our ISO9000 production facility using the best materials available for each application. Intelligent design coupled with extensive use of durable iron castings, ceramic glass, stainless steel components and fixings ensures that even after extended periods of use, maintenance will be possible with the least effort required.

For full information on the new Fireline warranty please follow the link WARRANTY DETAILS

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