Date posted: 05.05.21

We’ve powered through lockdown 3.0 and society is starting to open up a little more. The long dark months are behind us. It’s been a hard time for us all but things are looking up.

Are you surprised when we say now is the time to be thinking about your stove?

Although you may not be planning to use your stove any time soon, now is a great time to do some spring cleaning and sort out any repairs. You may also consider a replacement if you have been considering such.

After all, you’ve probably spent far too long being at home during lockdown and so can be forgiven for wanting a change.

The Spring Clean:

The first thing to do is clean the inside of your stove when it’s completely cool. Remove all the ash, with the finer dust being removed with a vacuum. Using a soft brush, check the firebricks and look for any broken or damaged ones. These should be replaced. Small chips and cracks can be repaired. Check the door for any damage, along with the door rope, which will become worn over time.

Should you need to source spares and own a Charlton & Jenrick stove, you are able to call us on 01952 200 44.

Chimney Sweeping:

You should have your chimney swept on a regular basis during usage. One final clean before the months of non-use will help ensure you are not stuck with any debris sitting in the flue over the summer, it’s also a good idea in case you forget when the time comes later in the year to start it up again.

Time for Ecodesign?

Now is a good time to look at replacing your stove – if of course, you have been thinking about such. There are a number of benefits to starting your review for a new stove now:

1. You have many months ahead where you don’t need a stove, so can take your time finding what you want.
2. Fireplace showrooms are quieter this time of year – less time for you to wait to have a stove installed.
3. The chances of your dream stove being sold out is much less likely.
Whatever your plans are for your stove, using these quiet months will be worth it when the stove season starts again. Whether that be keeping on top of repairs to help ensure you continue to enjoy a safe, efficient fire for many years to come, or if you feel the time is right to replace your fire.

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