Date posted: 08.11.22

On 1st November 2022, there was a high-profile event in London where 87 guests, including industry leaders and government officials, got together to learn about the recent hydrogen blending trials where hydrogen was injected into the public gas network. More about the hydrogen blend trial at Winlaton can be found here.

This hydrogen blending event took place in the House of Lords and was organised by HyDeploy. The purpose of HyDeploy is to generate evidence to demonstrate how blended hydrogen can be safely used in the national gas network. So far, the results are promising.

In a second trial for HyDeploy, which was discussed in detail at this event, around 1,600 residents in Winlaton in the North East had 20% blended hydrogen (with natural gas) injected into their homes. It was a big success and now provides convincing evidence that such blending could be rolled out quickly on a larger scale.

We’re delighted to have successfully completed the first HyDeploy blending project on a public gas network and thank the community in Winlaton for their support.

Tim Harwood, Hydrogen Programme Director at Northern Gas Networks

Blending is already taking place with other fuels, so this blending trial is not actually that unusual. E10 petrol, for example, is a biofuel which is made up of 90% regular unleaded and 10% ethanol. Standard unleaded contains up to 5% ethanol (E5). Any petrol engine can run on standard unleaded fuel. The same is true for homes and businesses that run on 20% blended hydrogen.

This event at the House of Lords provided a chance for the energy industry and other stakeholders to discuss the practical ways that blending could be delivered to the gas network, along with the challenges that will be faced and also ways to speed up the delivery of this scheme.

Hydrogen blending will play a critical role in unlocking the UK’s hydrogen economy by providing a substantial demand for low carbon hydrogen, which will stimulate investment in the sector.

Chris Manson Whitton, CEO of Progressive Energy

The UK gas networks are ready to deliver blended gas to consumers. Quick action is now needed for this to happen on a large scale. Impressive environmental benefits can be reached by blending hydrogen with natural gas. Carbon reductions from blending hydrogen is equal to taking 2.5 million cars off the road.

What Next?

The HyDeploy evidence reports will be submitted to government in early 2023. A decision will then be made regarding the wider blending of hydrogen in the gas network. This is expected to be decided later in 2023.

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