Date posted: 22.05.23

With rising energy prices, there has been an increase in demand for wood-burning stoves for those that wish to take control of their energy prices. Burning wood on an Ecodesign stove is also an environmentally friendly way to keep warm, and, in this instance – cook!

Did you know you can cook food on a suitably designed wood-burning stove? We are not just talking about toasting marshmallows and heating up pre-prepared food. There is almost an endless range of things you can cook on a stove from scratch. Our Go Eco Adventurer5 Glamping stoves and Go Eco BakeChef are both designed for this very job. These stoves are DEFRA-exempt for smokeless zones and are Ecodesign-approved. Standard features which make home cooking possible are a large-size cooking top, multi-fuel equipment and a range of fittings, trims and fixings.


Go Eco Adventurer 5 is all about customisation. For narrow boats and very compact spaces, which this stove caters for, there is a BS 8511-compliant marine hearth. There is also a heatshield package which reduces clearance to combustible materials to 70mm at the sides and 75mm at the rear. Very useful where space is a premium.

A tailored log store is also available, which increases the height, making it perfect when spending time by the stove and preparing food.

Optional splashbacks are made from solid brushed stainless steel and are ideal to reduce the inevitable splashback you get when you’re frying food. Convenient warming shelves are great when having a lot of things on the go.


Perhaps the biggest talking point with these stoves are the ovens, which perfectly sit on top of the stove. They come complete with temperature gauges, handles two wire shelves and an optional glass door. When a stove is complete with a log store and oven – then you feel you really have the perfect off-grid cooking facility for smaller spaces.

For larger spaces:

If you’re keen on cooking with a wood-burning stove but you need something larger than an Adventurer 5, the Go Eco BakeChef is perfect. The oven is located below the stove area (see left) and has a hotplate on top.

While the Adventurer 5 is more suited for glamping and use on narrow boats and more confined spaces, the BakeChef is better suited for conventional homes.

That’s not to say you can’t have an Adventurer 5 in your home!

The standard brushed-steel cooking top on the BakeChef can accommodate pans up to 28-32cm – so it’s ideal for larger pans in busy family homes.

Here are a few tasty recipes on our menu, which we have prepared on our stoves.

The CJ Cookbook Recipies for Wood-burning Stoves:

Vegan Tuscan Beef Stew
Mixed Herb Omelette
Bacon Sandwich
Vegetarian Pasta

Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies

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